Starik Carbon Tube
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Starik Carbon Tube

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  • The tube including the tuner weights about 220gr. So 3p shooters have no problem dealing with the weight in front of the muzzle.
  • The tube has a tuner in order to tune the rifle for “positive compensation” in order to avoid vertical groups.
  • The clamp on the barrel is very short (25mm), in order to have the chock the tube has on the barrel, right at the muzzle. It improves accuracy.
  • The tube length is calculated by the barrel length using odd harmonies. There are 2 length of tubes: about 19cm, and about 32cm, depending on the barrel length.

For cleaning the Starik Carbon Tube, we recommend all 500 – 1000 shot with a plastic brush to brush out. The easiest way is when the powder is dried (not directly after shooting – better before shooting!!)


3 cm
4 cm
15 cm
0.20 kg

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